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Bicycle computer

This is a really great idea. I hope you take some pics and add some info or some articles, so we can see how that can be done.

Bicycle computer

Is there some irony in your comment?

There are others already using at the bicycle, e.g.

There are some additional features I would like to have, which I will describe on my user page until it is worth to make a separate wiki page.

Not at all. I just enjoy seeing when people come up with new ideas for this phone. I hadn't thought of this before and it's a great way to replace your old bicycle computer with something that can do so much more. I imagine letting it show you the route for your destination, as well as the classic bicycle computer functionality, for instance. And after the ride, you can slip it into your pocket, and it's a phone again. :) --Johndoesacc 19:27, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

Bicycle computer

I'm really interested in this subject. I created JohnJohn as a GPS app to run on series60 phones and it has shown the possiblities. TangoGPS looks interesting too.

I've been interested in the OpenMoko for a while. I'm looking to get a smart phone soon after I move to Canada in October and am torn between the moko and any android phones that might come out.

As the series60 app shows, this sort of app is perfectly feasible in python.

Anyway, once I get settled in Canada I'm very interested in working on this sort of project.

--swfiua 28 August 2008

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