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Hi Frank, I think it is not appropriate place to place "whish list" herein. "Community Updates" were designed to inform users and community of OM/FR about what is going on with OM/FR. This is ot a discussion board to talk what would you like to have in your FR. According to above, "whishlist" should be transfered to another/new part of wiki, or to mailing list. Thus, if here will be no response for my consideration about this during next few days from author of this point, or from others, I intend to remove this point from wiki. Tell me how are you with this. I have also sent mail regarding this to the community mailing list to know what others think. I would like to know your opinion. LeadMan.

Thanks for removing, i am glad that you understood my concerns. BTW, is there any other more convenient way to communicate than editing user's wiki pages?

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