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Hi Brian

It is good that you try to make better categorization. But you need to think about how you are doing it. You need to do it in a more constructive way.

The goal of categorization changes is to improve the current categorization.

One way that should be better is to ensure that articles is removed/recategorized better, before you mark a category for deletion. (see category:Information).

You have removed a number of categories from Category:openmoko e.g.:

  • Category:Hardware Support - Please read the description: "Hardware that supports Openmoko.".
  • Category:OM2007.2 - Please read the description: "Pages related to the OM2007.2 distribution / image / software stack go in the OM2007.2 category." OM is short for Openmoko.
  • Category:Applications - "Applications for Openmoko. These includes applications that are not yet developed."
  • Category:Application Developer - "Application Developer" includes the applications used to develop Openmoko applications.
  • Category:Customization - This category was for articles about Openmoko customization.

Please do not only focus on the category name - please read the description, member articles - as a whole and think carefully before a big category change.

Then please recategorize member article before:

  • deletion request - it is not good practice to request a deletion of a category full of articles.
  • removal of category (with the intention of making the category consistent - before changing categorization meaning)

I know that that most have been critics untill now - here are some things you did that I think are good category changes:

This discussion was made with the primary intent of making a better Openmoko wiki.
--Glenn 19:59, 1 August 2008 (UTC)

Hi Glenn,

Indeed, I have given careful thought to what I'm doing. It is explained here: Category_talk:Categories.
--Brianwc 5:05, 2 August 2008 (PDT)

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