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Hello Audrius

We are trying to get 10 people together for buying the "10 pack" of the new release, the freerunner. Therefore we wanted to ask if you intend to buy another openmoko.

We entered our Info at the Group Sales page: (Switzerland, Zurich).

Thanks and cu Markus

Sory, no. I already have one, it is good enough for learning purposes. AudriusA 21:46, 24 April 2008 (CEST)

i can't download the source code

Hello Audrius

We are from Germany. Sorry, because my english is not so good :).

I study Informatik. I need your help. I muss write a Programm for Openmoko freerunner like GPS Sight.

I would like download the Source Code, but if klick on this hyperlink ( i become a warning like this (OpenMokoProjects Could Not Connect to Database)

pleas help me i have just few days for my milestone.

I'm very happy if you kontakt me

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