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Wishlist for my openmoko:

  • basic telephony
  • automatic screensaver & locker
    • require code/password/gesture to unlock
  • SMS sending and reception
  • SMS mirroring to home server
  • remote GUI app connected to home server when SMS arrives / phone is ringing / other important event (battery low) in case I can't hear the phone when it's in my backpack
  • MMS sending & reception - outgoing pics taken with external USB-connected digital camera
  • Integration with local public transportation services which provides clickable maps --> GPS can be used to automatically "go home from wherever I happen to be"
  • ssh client
  • "Status" app or similar with multiple small windows aka gadgets / widgets that report different stats e.g. ssh (for irc), SMS, missed calls, next calendar entries, profile, tv programme etc, DVR status
  • Switch to "status" app automatically if user idles long enough
  • Calendar
  • automatic (weekly or calender-based) and manual alarm clock
  • Profile changes:
    • programmable - time, location & calendar based
    • manual profile override with timeout - cinema, sleep, meeting
  • allow use of event (incoming phone call, sms message etc) metadata (who called, what time) to override profile settings
  • screensaver that shuts the screen completely off, not just the backlight
    • one click in screensaver mode -> screen in "on" mode but backlight still off, tune X color settings so that the contrast is increased to improve readbility
    • second click -> backlight on as well, color settings back to normal
  • SMS writing with fingers - maybe some basic 123 456 789 *0# onscreen keyboard with T9 or similar
  • one-click publishing of pictures taken with external digital camera to home web server

Hopefully my skills will let me implement at least some of these :)

Feel free to comment anything on the talk page.

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