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Hi! I'm an happy owner of the GTA02.

I decide to use Debian with it. I'm still having a lot of experiment and set to do, but I'm really enjoying it!

By now I'm writing just some notes in Italian on my private website, but I'll translate as soon as I'll find the configuration that I like.

The main issue already working in progress as mainly how to access to the gms card. In fact if today (2010) the looks reliable, there is no jet a proper user interface. I tried Zhone but it is not able to write sms, therefore I'm going to try RHS as well as Tichy.

After that I still have to find out how to deal the gsm connection, how to deal with wifi in a user friendly way and which other software out of the main one I could appreciate to have on Freerunner.

The way is still long ahead, but it's so enjoyable!

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