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OM 2009 First run Use Case

I used myself as a case study for a first time dummy user.

As usual, I write down every question I encounter in real time, optionally with some emoticons; later, I add the actions I took in response to those questions and even later some thoughts to improve the process.

first run

  1. Is it working at all ? --anxious
    • (wait while booting..look at a black screen)
      1. the e splash only shows up very shortly. angstrom, illume and parole have no splashes and very little feedback.
  2. Is (gsm) working --happy
    • (tried dial in, dial out, no probs)
  3. Are my contacts there ? --happy
    • (check - they were there. i see a few bugs)
  4. Is SMS working ? --happy
    • (sent message to myself, no probs)
  5. How do I set this big fat clock ? --amused
    • (off to, then to, somewhere in a submenu of the second site, found it)
      1. 'settings' should be in the menu (i changed it myself not much later)
      2. the profile switch label in the upper left refers to the aux button too, which was clear to me. If only something had indicated there was 'more' under that button, i'd have found it. For example, change "default" to "default ..." and when holding the button to "default (... settings)". Perhaps a 'countdown' feedback, like a beep or flash, to signal more is to come if you wait.
      3. documentation on the default UI should be on imho, like #getting_started, eventually.
      4. when changing the clock, it took long before it actually changed - probably 60 secs ? It made me laugh because the main graphic feature seemed broken (but it wasnt).
      5. I still dont know how to set the date from the ui.
      6. the fact that clicking on the clock allows you to set it through the aux button only occured to me much later - its not very usefull as it is, or maybe i didnt figure this out yet
  6. What are all these settings under settings --engaged
    1. is wifi working (yes, or at least it connects - but dns probs) --doubtfull
    2. is GPRS working (yes!) --happy
    3. etc
  7. Where am I ? --confused
    • (This happened while in the settings. The "back" indicator is sufficient but disorienting sometimes).
      1. "back" might be more like breadcrumbs in a wiki, showing a (virtual) path of backbuttons. This becomes more essential at deeper levels, and even more if any one app (like the launcher) can redirect you to a virtual deeper level in another app (like the phone when in a call). Just "back" would then be semantically incorrect. Most phones go flaky here, perhaps because it's hard to implement?
      2. the om2008 illume theme had a similar 'hierarchy' in its top fold-out, which is another solution.
  8. Am I missing something ? --unsatisfied
    • (Back to the website. answer - eh - not sure still - ..)
      1. there is no "full final overview of paroli" - understandably. eventually, it would be good to have a "That's all" or "What's next ?" at the end of a #getting_started page.
  9. Where's my terminal --very frustrated
    • (Where's the exit plan, where's the freedom of this phone ?? Back to the website. Found profile switch under settings).
      1. I didn't want this level of freedom. I only wanted a terminal. one launcher for xterm would have been satisfying; in fact, I probably wouldnt have switched to illume at this point.
      2. A launcher app in paroli named "expert" or "desktop" could revert to illume. Reversely the app named 'Paroli' in illume could be called 'simple' or 'phone' - as if it was a switch.
      3. The relation between illume and paroli is obscure, so I wouldnt bother the user with it. The names of the profiles are assume knowledge about this relationship. call it 'fullscreen phone' versus 'windowed phone' (or 'phone' versus 'desktop', or 'simple' versus 'expert'.
  10. How do I add an entry to paroli's menu --frustrated
    • (off to a lot of websites - read docs about edje)
      1. Actually, all I still wanted was one launcher to launch terminal- or gtk-like applications. A way to create such launchers through the gui would be great, or a single launcher app that reads /usr/share/applications/*, which would assume some linux knowledge ..
  11. Where's the 'hello world' of paroli ? --annoyed
    • (off to more websites. found it, but it is 30 pages long and unnumbered. accidently dropped the pile and had to reprint it. when I installed step 1 it crashed paroli. it seems this HelloWorld is outdated. So I started writing my own.
      1. write a new, working hello world of max 1 page, not using edje. and a couple of usefull template launchers.

first few days

  1. how do I send SMS to people from my contact list --confused
    • (found it - actually a pretty solution
      1. display 'click to select' or something in grey in the phone number rect, to indicate you can click (and indicating where to click .. its all black now)
  2. battery runs out quickly. what services are running by default ? --impatient
    • (reboot, go through all the settings one by one and see what running)
      1. an overview of powerconsuming services and wether they are activated, linking to their settings, might be nice.
      2. its unclear to me sofar if any changes in the settings are stored after reboot
  3. how do I add another profile (besides default and silent) --engaged
    • (off to websites. couldnt find clear documentation)
      1. add website documentation
  4. how do I return properly from suspend ? amused
    • (probably a bug, but the screen doesnt awake after suspend, so you have to click it. and probably another bug - the click to wake the screen is interpreted by paroli, so you've accidently selected something from the menu, or worse, changed a setting, when waking the screen)
  5. how do i kill or reboot paroli -- annoyed
    • (killall paroli)
      1. paroli seems to manage wifi and gsm too. killing it disconnects my ssh into the machine. a less obtrusive way to reboot paroli would be nice - there probably is one, and I didnt find it ?

from here on, i guess i'm too much into the phone to call it a "first run" .. i'd better start bugtracking.

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