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Pikes Navit OSD customisation

I dont drive a car, so I left out the "next turn in 10 kms", "estimated arrival time", and other route features. I do like he GPS coords, so these are central. The rest is obvious imho. The current streets name on the top only appears when routing (for some reason).


		my customisation for neo freerunner
	<osd enabled="yes" type="text" label="${navigation.item.street_name}" 
		x="0" y="0" w="480" h="30" 
		align="0" background_color="#000000cc" font_size="300" />
	<osd enabled="yes" type="compass"  background_color="#00000000" 
		x="160" y="-125" w="160" h="80"  />
	<osd enabled="yes" type="button" 
		x="-96" y="-121" 
		command="zoom_in()" src="zoom_in.xpm"/>
	<osd enabled="yes" type="button" 
		x="0" y="-121" 
		command="zoom_out()" src="zoom_out.xpm"/>
	<osd enabled="yes" type="text"  label="${vehicle.position_speed}" 
		x="0" y="-25" w="140"  h="25" 
		align="4" background_color="#000000cc" font_size="350" />
	<osd enabled="yes" type="text" label="${vehicle.position_coord_geo}" 
		x="140" y="-25"  w="200" h="25" 
		align="0" background_color="#000000cc" font_size="200" />
	<osd enabled="yes" type="text" label="${vehicle.position_sats_used}:${vehicle.position_qual}" 
		x="340" y="-25" w="100" h="25" 
		align="8" background_color="#000000cc" font_size="350" />
	<osd enabled="yes" type="gps_status"  
		x="440" y="-25" w="40" h="25" 
		align="8" background_color="#000000cc" font_size="450"/>
		/my customisation for neo freerunner

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