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Main get NetBSD running on-top Neo1973 hardware ;)

I did port dfu-util, u-boot's mkimage, mtd-utils and qemu-neo1973 to NetBSD.

I have an experimental NetBSD/evbarm Neo1973 kernel booting on Qemu Neo1973 emulator on NetBSD, booting from the network or a ramdisk.

You can make me happy by trying this NetBSD kernel on-top real Neo1973 hardware..and post, send or show the dmesg ;)

e: noud4 -

l: the Netherlands, near Eindhoven/Tilburg

Can you give me more deatail about the deletion ?

I can roll back for you .

I did not do the deletion,

nor know the reason(s) why deleted !

and yes, pls roll back this deleted part(s)


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