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Hi, if you don't like any of my changes, feel free to revert them you won't hurt anybody's pride.

In spite of my asian name, I am not affiliated with Openmoko or FIC in any way. Just a scholar with ideas about design and style. And my sons are probably older than your bicycle. Here is what I do for a living:

Scratchpad / ideas

The blue LED under Power should beat so that:

  • The duration of the shining phase is proportional to the battery charge (fully charged => continuous shine, half charged => blink half-time, discharged => short blinks).
  • When charging, the light-on is progressive, with a speed proportional to the intensity: charging at 1A -> sharp turn on, charging at 500mA -> slow inhale
  • When discharging, the light-off is progressive, also with a speed proportional to the intensity.

See /etc/freesmartphone/rules.yaml to tweak the LED set up in the fso-image.

Making manuals from the wiki: ,

The alsamixer is useless because it presents in line (1 dimension) a two-dimensional circuit. We need a click-thingy based on a logic diagram of the wolfson, with the circuits that light up when connected.

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