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Note: this is just my personal opinion of what the Neo should have before it's usable as someone's primary cell phone.


Must have

Phone calls

  • Dialing/answering/hangup from the GUI
  • Phone address book
  • SIM address book
  • Record of received/made/missed calls
  • Ringing/vibrator
  • Selection of ringtone/vibrator mode and volume from the GUI
  • Call volume changing on the GUI, during a call
  • Audio device selection (handset, headset, bluetooth)
  • Supplementary services (parsing of +CUSD and display on the GUI)


  • SMS receiving
  • SMS composing/sending
  • SMS storage
  • Tone/vibrator on SMS receive
  • Selection of tone/vibrator mode and volume from the GUI

Power management

  • Show battery charge level
  • Tone when battery low
  • Auto suspend when battery low (bug 847)
  • Turn all chips off correctly on shutdown
  • Turn the unneeded chips off on suspend (phone idle)

Should have


  • Display of cell broadcast


  • GPRS/CSD GUI configuration, with multiple profiles
  • Usable as a GSM modem (both bluetooth and USB; better as a AT interpreter instead of passthrough)
  • Automatic network up/down when needed/idle (configurable as never/ask/always)
  • Bytes sent/receive counter (both per-use and resetable total)
  • WAP browser


  • MMS receiving
  • MMS composing/sending
  • MMS storage
  • Tone/vibrator on MMS receive
  • Selection of tone/vibrator mode and volume from the GUI

File transfer

  • Bluetooth OBEX (at least send/receive OPUSH)

File management

  • GUI file/object manager
  • Free space monitor


  • GUI package installation
  • GUI repository configuration


  • Timezone selection on GUI
  • Getting time from either GPS or GSM

Nice to have

Phone calls

  • Hands-free mode (using the more powerful ringtone speakers)


  • Web browser
  • Bluetooth PAN AP (with GUI configuration)
  • Using a bluetooth PAN (with GUI configuration)
  • Using a bluetooth modem/dialup (with GUI configuration)
  • Automatic network selection based on available networks and a set of rules


  • Alarm
  • Calendar
  • Media player
  • Picture viewer


  • STK
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