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I bricked my neo1973 by updating to u-boot-gta01bv4-1.2.0+svnnow-r14_a89cbbd27a60e6740772000fd0688ffba1c2576a_0_2938.bin

Here are (most of) the steps I went through to get it working again. (Will put in a better page at some point.)

Hook Up Debug Board

Useful wiki articles:

Setting up OpenOCD

OpenOCD is used to connect to JTAG prompt via FDTI

For setup (under Ubuntu 7.04 amd64)

  • libftdi
    Built a feisty compatible of the gutsy version of the package. (so it was .10, feisty version is only .7)
# Add dpkg-source and dpkg-buildpackage command lines?

JTAG Commands

  • Follow commands from Bootloader#Using_JTAG_to_boot_from_RAM
  • foo.bin referenced as "Download a small piece of code for low-level SDRAM timing initialization (overwrite 4k SRAM of steppingstone)" is any of the "lowlevel-*.bin" files. (Found by reading this IRC log [1] - search for ScaredyCat)
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