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I bought the Neo1973 Phase 1 with the purpose of learning and adventure. My immediate plans are to understand how to access all existing devices and how to use the toolchain to port some pretty Free software program (I picked Mathomatic for beginning). I have the debug board as well and if somebody nearby (Zurich, Switzerland) needs it I can help to unbrick the device.

My current progress is the following:

  • The device is flashed and boots.
  • The USB network connection (ssh and scp) works: Neo talks with my Debian Linux desktop.
  • The toolchain has compiled the Mathomatic into the executable for Neo processor and it works fine (Mathomatic is a command line application, must be started from the Neo terminal). I also created the project - enjoy!
  • I got some nightmare - like output from the GSM device which I have hope to understand later.
  • I discovered that readline and ncurses are not between the default OpenMoko libraries. They are, however, rather easy to compile with the provided toolchain. Mathomatic is far more convenient with readline (command history and improved navigation).
  • I also tried to set up a chess gaming environment with gnuchess and eboard. The recent versions of gnuchess seem having compilation problems with toolchain, but the version 5.05 builds and runs on OpenMoko. Unfortunatetly the command line interface is not very impressive. Eboard, while builds, does not start on OpenMoko - need to figure out, why.

My real name is Audrius Meškauskas. Use the discussion tab to contact me.

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