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Base phone, Orange, #1930...

Order billed 8/4, shipped 8/6, delivery 8/14.

The shipment notification email was sent 8/6 too, but didn't arrive in my inbox until 8/9. Not sure what caused such a lengthy delay, but others might benefit from knowing that it's possible their phones are already shipped and they just might not know it yet.

I successfully flashed this file pair onto it (based on - Rootfs: - Kernel:

It takes several minutes for the larger Kernel file to upload, and I had to keep pressing the AUX button to prevent the phone from idle-timeout power-offs.

It booted ok, and I've played around with some of the UI pieces. Everything on the screen looks so polished to me... the text and icons are all very crisp.

Next step is to try a SIM in it.

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