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This was a partially translated in past Neo FreeRunner GTA02 Hardware page. And the english page seems was divided to Neo FreeRunner GTA02 Hardware and Neo FreeRunner GTA02 Hardware Requirements. Here is one translated part which should go to Neo FreeRunner GTA02 Hardware Requirements/ru, but the english page has no reference to foreign languages. Here is other part, little translated, and extremely hard to translate because of lots technical terms and abbreviation, which shoud stay in place, and is reffered by gta02menu like it is one of a page should be visited by every newcomer. I'm in doubts what to do. I offer to add multilanguage tag to Neo FreeRunner GTA02 Hardware Requirements and offer to refer it page by gta02menu because this page contains more common information. The detailed Neo FreeRunner GTA02 Hardware is interesting to people messed deep in hardware and have english skills to understand partially translated technical text.

Decided to split page like english. The other questions left to 'officials' till times when more foreign language pages occurs.

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