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Mode: ON

  • HEARTBEAT will emit a short blink every 4 seconds.
    • KlaymenDK: I wanted to ask if this could be configurable, but it seems to be (see "Minimal LED Usage" below).
  • If Bluetooth and Wifi are powered on, WIRELESS will be lit continuosly.
    • KlaymenDK: How about a double-blink (perhaps short+long combo)? This might save power.


  • HEARTBEAT will increase blinking as the charge level of the battery increases.
    • KlaymenDK: Does this mean increasing frequency, or increasing blink duration? Personally, I think I would prefer the latter. Quickly blinking lights might be stressful.
    • jOERG writes to suggest that the blink frequency should increase with charging current, and that the blink length should increase with battery charge. That is, the LED could blink eg. once per 2.5s during charging at 100mA, and two blinks per second during 500mA charging. Further, blinks should be short and far between if the battery is flat, and nearly continuous when it's almost full. [klay says: I hope I understood this right, joerg.]


Can't those leds be on at all on FreeRunner when it's suspended? (Why not?) I think I can see some light in power button when FreeRunner is suspended and it's dark (using SHR-U). --Tomppeli 10:44, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

Advanced Button/LED Usage

  • In ON-Mode, EVENT will blink every 2 seconds if there's an event that needs your attention.
  • The more events, the faster EVENT will blink.
    • KlaymenDK: How about a double-, triple-, or n-blink? Quickly blinking lights might be stressful.

Minimal LED Usage

Some people prefer to have no LED signalling because of reduction of power usage and/or light pollution or simply because of aesthetic reasons. This can be split in normal button minimal LED usage and advanced button minimal LED usage.


  • All LEDs will be turned off.

Mode: ON or LOCK

  • HEARTBEAT will emit a short blink every 4 seconds only when battery power is low. Optionally the number of blinks can be increased or the number of seconds can be decreased as the battery power is getting more critical. More information on the battery status can of course be found on the display itself.
  • EVENT will blink every 2 seconds if there's an event that needs your attention.
  • If either Bluetooth or WiFi is powered on but is not actively used, WIRELESS will emit a short blink every 4 seconds. This is a notification that power is being consumed by Bluetooth or WiFi without being put to use. When Bluetooth or WiFi is being actively used, WIRELESS will not blink or be lit at all. That status is know by the user implicitly because of information on the display or the active use involving the user. When none of them are powered on, the LED will also not be lit at all.
    • KlaymenDK: Spending extra power when it becomes critical does seem ironic. Still, I'm in favour of this idea.
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