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Here you can get a clue on how to contribute to Community updates, while conforming to wiki editing guidelines. You can take a look at Community_Update_Draft, to have a feel how coming update draft would look like, if we follow all these standarised wiki guidelines. Feel free to discuss here about this topic, maybe we achieve consensus before next CU. Everybody is welcome to help. Following are main topics which should be covered.


Conform to Openmoko Wiki Editing Guidelines. These guidelines covers most of uncertain cases an editor might run into while editing wiki pages. It takes half an hour to dig through this, but is worth to do it at least summarily.


Conform to Help:Editing

Creating new templates

Using Template:ApplicationBox is great idea! Why not create similar templates for other parts of CU? The disadvantage of this way would be little more code to fill, but all entries in particular part of CU would have similar layout. Following this idea Template:DistributionBox is currently being developed. You can see preview on Community_Update_Draft in Distribution section.

Mailing list interface

Often there is a need to provide link pointing to discussion on a mailing list. Services providing web interface to mailing lists (like were reported many times to break discussion threads in mail clients. Remember, mailing lists were designed to be used with mail clients, not with web forums. If you need to provide link to discussion on mailinglist for those who are not subscribed, use mailing list archives.

  • Go to gname
  • choose a mailing list
  • From top panel choose a post (preferably the one on the top of a thread)
  • At bottom panel click "Subject:" link
  • Copy URL from your browser into Community Update
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