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Alternate case for the Neo1973, with a secure method for storing the stylus when not in use.


Design options

1. The stylus is pushed end-on into a round hole slightly larger than the stylus and retained by a spring-loaded clip at the end.
1a.A microswitch inside the stylus sleeve triggers power on/wake from hibernate when the stylus is removed (via an ACPI event, likely)

  • A switch could also be used to change the mode of operation of the device, i.e. when the stylus is pulled out, more options become available - options that would be too small to control by fingers.

2. The stylus is stored by pushing laterally into a C-section clip.
3. The stylus is attached to the lanyard (while low cost/simple, the stylus is relatively delicate - this may not be suitable)

Rendered images

3D model





Leave your nickname here if you are interested in having one made. This is not an order form, but is intended to gauge interest before effort is expended designing the case.

No Nick
1. Tetraden
2. Shadowjack
3. ruskie
4. Micktaiwan
5. willjcroz
6. Katoh
7. Filippo
8. Deedend
9. kresp0
10. Wedge
11. Jmax
12. Oatty
13. 777cbr
14. Fradeve11
15. Thomasgruebler
16. ShakataGaNai — I'd rather not have automagic turn on w/ stylus removal.
17. Sin - at least for me, losing the stylus is quite possible
18. pokazene_maslo
19. Jackcday - Mda Vario has a cool telescoping stylus which allows for smaller stylus, but it gets bigger when you remove it.
20. PipBoy2000
21. oz1lln - automatic startup of the device, when pulling out the stylus, would be great
22. Aztlek
23. wurstwolf - sending an event when pulling out the stylus would be great, that would offer the possibility to configure the phones behaviour. My favourite would be the deactivation of the phones keylock, but that's a software idea ;)
24. Ludvax
25. Andcor
26. Solarius - I thought this was already built-in. This is quite essential (in my opinion) because stylys can be lost easily.
27. snizfast - A protective case with a stylus holster would also work.
28. bertwest
29. Theocrite
30. slimfast1623
31. cortreeze
32. msee
33. street-samurai
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