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Though also featuring a pen, laser pointer, and flashlight, some might find the stock stylus for the neo cumbersome.

A list of stylus alternatives for the Neo:


Electrical Wiring Mod

  • This is an alternative stylus especially designed for Openmoko use:


Instructions on how to make:

First we need a a wire cutter, a plier and an electrical wire like shown in the picture: (just one of the 3)

Electrical wire.jpg

  1. Cut the wire to the wanted size. I cut mine to the size of a credit card's length + half a centimeter (because after we will finish it'll get shorter)
  2. Cut the copper as much as possible so there will be as little copper visible as possible. We only want to see the insulate, not the copper.
  3. Bend about a quarter of a centimeter from the edge with the plier so the ends of the wire will be bent plastic.
  4. Press the bent wire with the plier (it's advised to cover the wire with paper/cloth when doing so, since we don't want to expose the copper), so it'll will stick as close to the other part of the wire as possible (Again, just the edges).
  5. Do the previous step again for the other end.
  6. Voila, hopefully you got the same resultls shown in the first picture.

For Purchase

Comfort Stylus:

DayDeal Stylus:

Stylus for COWON D2:

Krusell Touch Screen Pointer:


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