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Improvements to suspend support (thought not greatly usable), little improvement to userspace. I recommend this image.

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Openmoko Snapshot Review Criteria

Date: 21 April 2008

Rootfs Snapshot name: Openmoko-openmoko-devel-image-glibc-ipk-P1-Snapshot-20080421-om-gta01.rootfs.jffs2

Kernel snapshot name: uImage-2.6.24+git20080421-r0-om-gta01.bin

uBoot Snapshot name: u-boot-gta01bv4-1.3.1+svnr4297+gitb29661fc1151077776454288051bc9a488351ce8-r3.bin

Device type: Neo1973 GTA01Bv4


  • First Boot Speed - 3m14.809s (10.101s slower than 18 April 2008)
  • Second Boot Speed - 1m47.926s (1m 26.883s faster than first boot)
  • Error Messages - None
  • Failures - None.

Phone Functionality

Incoming Calls

  1. Can receive - Yes.
  2. Kinetic alert (vibrate) - Yes
  3. Auditory alert (sound) - Yes.
  4. Missed calls display on OM-today2 - Yes
  5. Calls recorded in call log - Yes
  6. Stability - Mostly stable.

Outgoing Calls

  1. Can make - Yes
  2. Calls recorded in call log - Yes
  3. Stability - No issues noticed.

Call Quality

  1. Quality as heard from Neo - Good.
  2. Quality as heard from other - Good-. There is a noticeable echo of the other person's voice on their own handset when calling a Neo. Bug #1267 This is either intermittent or affects different handsets differently.

Messaging Functionality

Incoming SMS

  1. Can receive - Yes
  2. Kinetic alert (vibrate) - Yes
  3. Auditory Alert (sound) - Yes
  4. Sender identified if applicable - Yes
  5. Is message readable - Yes
  6. OM today2 displays new messages - Yes
  7. Communication logged - Yes
  8. Stability/Usability - Incoming SMS messages aren't matched against Contact list if entered using local format. Bug #1345 Reported

Outgoing SMS

  1. Can send - Yes
  2. Message readable - Yes
  3. Delivery notification works - No
  4. Communication logged - Yes
  5. Stability - No issues.

Person Information Management


  1. Can create new - Yes
  2. Can add from call record- Yes.
  3. Can add from SMS - Yes.
  4. Can create groups - Yes
  5. Can modify - Yes
  6. Stability - Occasionally a (null) contact is created. Bug #1332 reported. Particularly nasty, If contacts have a null entry, messages will seg fault.


  1. Can add events - Yes
  2. Can view events - Yes
  3. Can remove events -Yes
  4. Events appear on openmoko-today2 - Yes
  5. Events trigger kinetic alarm - No
  6. Events trigger auditory alarm - No

Media Player


Attempts to play videos results in black screen. Pressing power kills media player and occasionally causes screen flicker and "scrolling". There is no way to remove items from a playlist Bug #1312 Reported.


  1. Playback - Yes.
  2. Pause - Yes
  3. Advance - No
  4. Rewind - No
  5. Next Track - Yes
  6. Previous Track - Yes


  1. Playback - No.
  2. Pause - No.
  3. Advance - No.
  4. Rewind - No.


  1. Enabled by default: No
  2. Provides options to configure: No.


  1. Can power up - Yes?
  2. Can power down - Yes?
  3. Works out of the box - No
  4. Default installs provide GPS software - No.
  5. Driver is under a Free Software license - No.


  1. Can turn Bluetooth on - Yes
  2. Can turn Bluetooth off - Yes

Battery Life

No measured test.


  1. Suspend works: Partially. No way to manually suspend Bug #1365 reported
  2. Resume via AUX works: Yes - Sound is broken upon resume.
  3. Resume via POWER works: N/A
  4. All features work after suspend / resume cycle: No, sound is broken after resume.
  5. Wake from suspend on incoming call: Yes but Sound is broken and GSM appears unresponsive after resume
  6. Wake from suspend on incoming SMS: No.

Software Keyboard

  1. Keyboard type - Multi-tap
  2. Displays correctly - Yes
  3. Usability - Poor. Multi-tap input's lack of CTRL keys harms terminal use. Without predictive input, too many key presses per line make this less than enjoyable to use. Also, the move from a landscape input to a portrait signifigantly decreases usability of many apps (like Contacts and Calendar). Additionally, the game "Solo" is un-playable since there is no way to call up the keyboard. Bug #1215 reported

User Feedback

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