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This page is here to collect the ideas, design mockups and thoughts about how Paroli could look like, how could it work. The plan is to create a new template to be used instead of the default black-and-white one.

For motivation, have a look at the Community driven redesign / new theme for Paroli thread


GUI wishlist aka. Random ideas

  • SMS writing in landscape mode: one small line for text and HUGE keyboard to be used with your fingers while walking
  • Bling bling - what kind of effects do we have available? Fading, sliding..? I'd like to see it smoooth.

Design concept 1

Designer:pike 19:42, 6 June 2009 (UTC)


3 screens
listview, more options

I love the black-and-white Paroli GUI, dubbed "Boring at Best" by someone in the mailinglist. It just needs tweeking; font sizes, alignments; it needs a few more concepts outlined - and it needs a sizzle - it should come alive when you start touching it.

To prove myself it could really look nice, I did these mockups. I'm not sure what to do with them; I have similar sketches in mind (and on paper) for a settings and a texteditor screen; and some style guidelines too ..

Design concept 2

  • Designer: Warren Baird -
  • Screenshots/mockups: see right
    Wjb paroli sms mockup.png
  • Explanation:I've finally spent some time (when I should have been sleeping) and put together a rather rough mockup showing a bit of how I'd like to see the Paroli UI looking. I'm not sure how great a reception this'll get, since I there seems to be a minimalist trend in the current Paroli design. But frankly, I didn't buy a device with a nice 640x480 display to have a monochrome UI!!  ;-) Few comments on what I did:
    • fired up the gimp -- I definitely don't have time to figure out how to do all this stuff in edje, I'm afraid...
    • stole liberally from the Tango icon set.
    • Added actual button-like images behind the buttons
    • adjusted the SMS display into a 'conversational' mode where all recent messages to and from a specific person are grouped together.

Design concept Template

  • Designer:
  • Screenshots/mockups:
  • Explanation:
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