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Country Carrier Plan APN/Phone user/password if required Working pppd scripts
Australia Telstra Any telstra.internet use CHAP auth with "" secret
Australia Virgin Any VirginInternet
Australia Virgin Any VirginBroadband Uses a captive portal to register the first time that did not work on 2008.12 - had to place inside a 3G tethered device on PC.

Must use PAP auth, ie. disable chap by putting refuse-chap,refuse-mschap,refuse-mschap-v2,refuse-eap,receive-all in /etc/ppp/options

Australia Vodafone Any
Austria Orange/One Any web/web works with gsm0710d under om2008.9: howto - complete /etc/ppp/ directory with settings can be found here: orange_ppp.tar.gz
Canada Fido Any, behind NAT fido/fido use pap authetication

proxy address

mdbus -s org.freesmartphone.frameworkd /org/freesmartphone/GSM/Device org.freesmartphone.GSM.PDP.ActivateContext fido fido

Canada Rogers Any, behind NAT wapuser1/wap nameserver
Canada Rogers $7 unlimited browsing wapuser1/wap Must use a proxy server (or or
Czech Republic Vodafone any postpaid internet must be empty Works with FSO Behind NAT.
Czech Republic Vodafone prepaid ointernet must be empty Works with FSO Behind NAT.
Czech Republic 02 Unlimited data plan internet must be empty [Works with OM2008.9] and with FSO.
Denmark Telmore wap must be empty
Denmark Unotel internet must be empty Note: APN not tested
Estonia Elisa Any, behind NAT internet
Estonia EMT Any, behind NAT
Fiji Digicel Any nameserver Must use a proxy server
Finland Elisa unknown internet
Finland Saunalahti Any internet.saunalahti
Finland Sonera Any, behind NAT internet
Finland Sonera Any, public IP prointernet
France SFR 10.x.x.x? websfr under tests
France SFR 10.x.x.x? wapsfr[1] under tests
France Zero forfait Any internet68 Works under qtmoko v024 with UI. + does not accept compression control protocol , you will have to add noccp manually in /etc/ppp/peers/dialupxxxxxxx
France Orange  ??? orange orange orange Work under OM2008.9 FDOM with UI ( gsm0710muxd )
France Bouyges Telecom Web & Mail Work great under FSO. Just follow instructions at Proxy: For emails, only ports 25 (smtp) and 110 (pop) are allowed. (They use a transparent proxy ...)
Germany Alice internet.partner1 worked (tested with zhone), source of information
Germany E-Plus BASE (and others?) eplus gprs Base pppd scripts
Germany E-Plus NO_USERNAME eplus
blau blau
Germany E-Plus Simyo simyo simyo simyo pppd scripts
Germany T-Mobile t-d1/gprs nameserver
Germany Vodafone Any, behind NAT
Hungary T-Mobile Any internet / *99***1# must be empty must disable chap auth: refuse-chap, refuse-mschap, refuse-mschap-v2
India Vodafone Vodafone Live![tested on prepaid] portalnmms guest/guest[any but must] and from and proxy is and port 9401
India AirTel MobileOffice
Ireland Vodafone vodafone/vodafone
Ireland O2 open.internet gprs/gprs
Israel Orange Base (and others?) internet orange/mobile54
Italy Wind Superinternet, public IP internet.wind / *99# wind/wind (any string) Wind pppd scripts
Italy TIM Base
Netherlands Simyo Any basicinternet must be empty
Netherlands Telfort Any internet / *99***1# must be emtpy internet access GPRS settings for your mobile phone and mobile operator
Netherlands Vodafone Any / *99***1# Vodafone pppd scripts
New Zealand Vodafone Any / *99***2#
Norway Netcom Any
Norway Chess Any netcom username="chess", password="chess" GPRS FSO
Norway OneCall Any internet
Norway Telenor Any telenor
Russia MTS Any / *99***1# mts/mts
Russia Megafon Any internet
Russia Tele2 Any
Russia Beeline Any
Slovakia Orange Any internet
Slovakia Telefonica O2 Any o2internet
Slovakia T-Mobile Any internet
Spain Masmovil Any internetmas
Spain Orange Any? orangeworld tested with prepaid acoount
Spain Simyo Any / *99#
Spain Yoigo Any internet / *99***1 must be empty Yoigo pppd scripts
Sweden Parlino Works with FSO
Sweden Telia Works with FSO
Switzerland Sunrise internet
Switzerland Sunrise MMS
Switzerland Swisscom e.g. Natel Basic Liberty, behind NAT
Taiwan Taiwan Mobile Prepaid internet shr-settings (FSO)
UK T-Mobile
UK Virgin user
UK other providers
Ukraine Jeans (MTS) Prepaid / *99***1# */* [1]
USA AT&T Unlimited data plan (attached to pay-as-you-go voice plan) wap.cingular / *99***1# WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM/CINGULAR1
USA Cincinnati Bell Wireless cbw
USA Cingular (AT&T) Less than full internet wap.cingular / may require *99***1#
USA T-mobile Anything less than full internet guest/guest (blank does not work) Need to set proxy to T-Mobile docs say "". 050 octal = 40 decimal and will *not* work. I think port is 8080 or 9100. No luck w/ pppd scripts. GPRS_FSO directions work under FSO though.
USA T-mobile Regular internet plan T-Mobile pppd scripts
USA T-mobile "VPN" internet plan
Venezuela Digitel Pre- y post-pago

[1] connected through a WAP proxy (slower, but the only way to access Vodafone live! and SFR portal)

[2] Unless stated otherwise the phone number to call is "*99#"

Also see Ross Barkman's page for a detailed list of more global GPRS providers APN details

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