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Following is common asked parts specification that used in FreeRunner.


  • GPS connector: CMK A702-206158-001 MMCX JACK SMD GPS EXT ANTTENNA SWITCH
  • WLAN board RF test connector: MURATA MM8430-2610RB3 SMD RF TEST PORT height=1.75mm
  • WLAN board board to board connector: GOLD FLASH SMT MH=2.0mm 2ROW 18PIN 0.5mm 0° FOR 20-25555 A
  • Speaker Pogo pin: PPR06-023104 SMD POGO PIN SPEAKER
  • Earphone jack: NUCONN JAR02-062101 SMD 6PIN P=3.7 H=3.3mm EAR PHONE JACK
  • WiFi connector(on main board): F GOLD FLASH SMD MH=2.0mm 2ROW 18PIN 0.5mm 0° FOR 20-25556
  • Speaker: SPEAKER 8+-15% OHMS 100+-3DB 16.4*3.95MM GTC01 DMS1608F-07-PC-F1-G AAC
  • Vibrator: MOTOR P0408B-13-P2H SMD-2P T.A&M.I.
  • LCD connector: Hirose FH23-39S-0.3SHW(0.5)
  • AUX button: PANASONIC 4.7*3.5*1.6 SIDE PUSH SMT TYPE 4 PIN EVQPUD02K [1]
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