FreeRunner GPS antenna repair SOP

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This will probably void any warranty. Make sure of this before attempting.

WARNING - Please check the SD-Card interfering Problem first! This should solve the GPS Problems for most people: FreeRunner Hardware Issues#GPS_Slow_TTFF

WARNING - Only attempt this repair if you are sure it will correct a GPS problem.

WARNING - Do not use arcing cold heat soldering tools as the high current could damage sensitive electronics.

1. GPS Antenna CON (CON7601),there are bad soldering issues with this PIN.


2. Need to re-solder PIN to improve connection.


3. There are deformities in the internal GPS connector.


4. Use tweezers to pinch the antenna back to original form.


5. Now try re-connecting the antenna. The antenna should ‘snap’ into place of the connector locking itself firmly. If it is loose and does not snap, it is possible there will be quality issues.

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