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Framework-settings is a GTK+ gui to control BT/WIFI/USB-HOST/GPRS and GSM (commented out in the code since for some reason GSM won't wake back up from a force disable) using FSO. Currently it enables to connect to GPRS by changing the APN/USER/PASS in the script headers (/usr/bin/fso-settings) which isn't the best idea, and will be changed soon, to either using a config file or fso perfenences (if possible)

The best way to get resources and release them would be by using the request/release or set policy for resources, though those APIs do not allow force disabling of an interface which wasn't what I needed at the time.

Future updates will include changing policies for devices which is a much more elegant way of forcing apps out. Will hopefully soon support more settings implemented by the framework.

This package is a good complement to Siglaunchd. In that link there's a settings line in order to make it run this app after 1 or more seconds of holding the aux button.



  • author: Tom Hacohen <available_at_profile>
  • this is a python script so code resides in /usr/bin/fso-settings
  • link: 0.3.0 package
  • link: 0.4.0 package

I'm keeping the old version available as well because the new version is rather hackish.

Change Log


  • Hacked together the profile-changer so it can now change phone profiles
  • The apn/user/password for gprs is now stored in a config file at /home/root/.fso-settings.conf
  • The code got ugly because it's mostly a hack.


  • also add a policy setting changer.
  • change the gui to appear before dbus probes so launching wouldn't take so long.

Known Issues

  • Power and settings are the same, that's just an infrastructure
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