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Openmoko at FOSDEM

This page documents a past event.

Sean Moss-Pultz will be giving a presentation at FOSDEM: Presentation Presenter Profile

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer will also be there, and mentioned: "The most prominent informal FOSDEM gathering is the Friday Beer Event at the Roy D'Espagne. A major part of the OpenEmbedded crowd will be there, as well."

Here is a video of the Openmoko presentation by Sean Moss - Pultz at the FOSDEM.

Fake it at FOSDEM Beer Event

Quite a few Openmoko enthusiasts will be meeting-up at the Friday Beer Event on February the 23rd.

Sean mentioned being at the beer event himself, to quote the most important part of that exchange:

   > Best place would be the beer event of fosdem. Friday evening. ;)
   Deal. Drinks will be on me!

Well... I can't remember Nokia ever buying me a beer... So that we can get some idea of how many people to expect, please add your name to the following list if you will be there.

People likely to attend the FOSDEM Beer Event (Please edit as needed):

  • Sean Moss-Pultz
  • Michael 'Mickey' Lauer
  • Stefan Schmidt
  • Richard Bennett
  • Marc Verwerft
  • Rob Taylor
  • Peter Leemans
  • Philippe De Swert
  • Jan Lübbe
  • Daniel Willmann
  • Thomas Marchesseau (btw for sure on saturday)
  • Marc-André Beck
  • Koen Kooi
  • Ole Tange
  • Matthias 'greentux' Lemke
  • Marcin 'hrw' Juszkiewicz
  • ...

How do we find each other?

That's pretty easy. The venue is linked to above. You can also try to recognize some of the guys by looking at and (Photos courtesy Koen Kooi).

Those lucky developers who already have a NEO1973 by then can hang it around their neck, on proud display, that should catch the attention.

All those poor sods who are still waiting for their NEO can FAKE IT:

Print the following PDF on stiff card, cut along the outline, and cut out the strap-hole, stick the two sides together and hang the resulting life-sized fake NEO from you FOSDEM neck-strap!


In case you wonder what that looks like, here's a PNG of the same thing:


Ohh ok, it's just a bit of nerdy fun...

It seems I'm not the only one who likes faking it, Ole Tange put together something similar here:


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