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eet -- Way to change enlightenment .cfg files

Get it

NOTE: eet is development tool, so it's not present on FreeRunner (If someone has working mokomakefile, creating package with it should be great idea)

EET can be checked out from enlightenment SVN repository by

svn checkout http://svn.enlightenment.org/svn/e/trunk/eet/

To compile and install use the usual: (I'm not sure, if there are any dependencies on other SVN libs)

sudo make install

To simplify this there is a script called easy_17.sh. It can be found at http://omicron.homeip.net/projects/ (linked directly from enlightenment wiki page at http://trac.enlightenment.org/e/wiki/EdjeEditor)

You can download this script whereever you want.. It won't create files in current directory. You don't need to use sudo.. it will detect correct way of getting administrative privileges and use it..

Launch it without arguments and see parameters.. You'll probably use something like --only=eet (not tested.. maybe there are some dependencies.. I was installing first ~20 programs to get edje editor)

It won't add installation directory into path, so you'll need to call it "/opt/e17/bin/eet" (default)

Use it

I've got recently this mail from enlightenment mailing list:

you have to use "eet" command line utility, it is the tool that reads .src and turns then into .cfg if you check out Makefile (and Makefile.am).

 eet -l e.cfg  # list all keys, usually just "config"
 eet -d e.cfg config e.src # writes human readable values to file e.src
 $EDITOR e.src # change whatever you like
 eet -e e.cfg config e.src 1  # compile human readable values to binary form and use compression

If you find that useful and want to help, please create a wiki page with your new knowledge.

interesting illume cfg files

NOTE: After any change you must delete directory /home/root/.e/e/config/asu to force configuration reload

WARNING: All your changes to illume configuration (usually not so many) will be lost

NOTE: Maybe it's possible to edit directly files in you home directory, I don't know


Add this in group 'group "E_Config_Gadcon"' after block named " illume-bluetooth" (ASU 2008.12 line 431) to enable Wrench tool (but most of configuration dialogs are not defined in .edj files..)

     group "clients" list {
       group "E_Config_Gadcon_Client" struct {
         value "name" string: "illume-cfg";
         value "id" string: "illume-cfg";
         value "geom.pos" int: 0;
         value "geom.size" int: 32;
         value "geom.res" int: 472;
         value "geom.pos_x" double: 0.0000000000000000000000000;
         value "geom.pos_y" double: 0.0000000000000000000000000;
         value "geom.size_w" double: 0.0000000000000000000000000;
         value "geom.size_h" double: 0.0000000000000000000000000;
         value "state_info.seq" int: 1;
         value "state_info.flags" int: 1;
         value "style" string: "plain";
         value "autoscroll" uchar: 0;
         value "resizable" uchar: 0;
NOTE: You get working wrench icon, but color scheme is bad and layouts of some configuration dialogs are missing -> asu.edj needs to be updated too


To switch illume from qtopia predictive keyboard to illume keyboard


 value "kbd.use_internal" int: 0;
 value "kbd.dict" string: "English_(US).dic";


 value "kbd.use_internal" int: 1;

ready to use binary configuration files

I am quite sure someone who really knows enlightenment will kill me if he/she looks at the source but it works please back up everything before overwrtiting and purge e's cache. Don't mind the name of the edj file. believe me it IS the asu theme wih working wrench and qwerty button.

i already posted all infos needed, at the ml and i am too lazy and tired to type it again. maybe tomorrow...


the reason why the dialogs didn't work with teh default asu theme is that the dialogs were not defined in the edj/edc file. this si an all in one package which has all the needed cfg files.

feel free to chop my head of after looking at the source (and maybe because of the format of this section) -> would someone please improve at least the latter.

NOTE: This solution is really awful.. ASU theme should stay named ASU and keep possibility to switch between ASU and Illume.. and this does not

Has this actually worked for anyone? I only get a blank frozen screen on boot and when I try to use eet to look into the e.cfg file included I just get an error that it cannot be opened for reading. Corrupt?

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