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Software and distributions

  • Dale's NeoTool started. A GUI to manage the phones hostside. Backup and flash with GUI.
  • FDOM - a Fat and Dirty OM based distribution started. A bleeding edge overloaded combination of applications and hot bugfixes to demonstrate the capabilities of the Freerunner and to have a functional phone. This all while retaining the ability to update through the official feeds.
  • Gentoo on the FreeRunner.
  • Several classic games ported: Duke Nukem 3D, Battle for Wesnoth, DOOM (Coming Soon)
  • Debian fso-pkg team is getting full steam ahead.
  • Qtopia 4.3.2 and 4.3.3 (including echo fix) released.
  • Google SoC projects released: Gestures (includes autorotates the screen !), ReMoko.

Cool mods

News from the git

  • The html access to that provided 2007.2 has been discontinued and everything was moved to The 2007.2 repository is at .
  • 2008.8 + daily updates is getting better and better, working its way towards a bug fix release (milestone tagged 2008.9 in the trac)
  • Om shuffling git branches around is about done, is dead wood now.
  • New "head" development branch is only basesystem+installer (no phone stack preloaded, even less applications)
  • FSO Milestone 3 released
  • Planned architecture for next release is Tichy + Paroli + framework .

Documentation team

Notable fixes

  • GPS TTFF bug was fixed soon after launch. The software fix solves the problem as well as the hardware fix, so there is no necessity to hardware fix the units in the field.
  • Keyboard choices in 2008.8 explained.
  • Workaround found for suspend corrupts SD card partition table (??? Slow the GLAmo clock ???)
  • Echo cancelation turned on in TI chip (is that undocumented function in 2008.8 updates yet ?)

Hot bugs and most discussed issues

  • Touch Screen Coordinates not re-calculating correctly on screen Rotation (Every mode except randr -o 0) Patch is available, no package update.
  • Using Bluetooth headset is solved Headset on Freerunner but still a work in progress
  • Sound is still awfully complicated (alsa.state remains black magic)
  • Power management: progress but still far from goal of autonomy in days (full discharge vs. forced load issue, LEDs and buttons use model still in flux, charging while off, fine-grained subsystems sleep...)
  • Repeated messages on the mailing lists
  • The trac is getting crowded, bug reports numbers are exploding


  • community-repository is slow to take off: orrery, diversity-wifi, mofi, moko-sudoku, comic-reader, only omview has been added in September.
  • Raster left the Openmoko Inc.. Thanks for your fantastic contribution, we would not be there without E !
  • A X guru position is open at Openmoko Inc., also looking for kernel hackers (update: 16/09/2008).
  • Spanish mailing list started.
  • French wiki, forums, blog and IRC channel started.
  • Polish wiki, irc-room, planet forums and users map started.
  • The Paris meeting was a big success with ~80 attendees.


  • A classified section has been started to sell/buy on the wiki
  • FreeRunners still seem to sell like hotcakes, they are frequently out of stock.
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