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Thone - a Terminal Phone

Thone is a terminal phone written in Bash3 and python for FSO based devices.

Note: FSO has changed its interfaces and at least sms is not working anymore. I'm working on it, as time permits ..


More precise, thone is a suite of bash scripts to operate your daily phone: sms, call, etc. It does not yet handle dbus signals, such as incoming calls, incoming messages or even outgoing calls; these should still be handled by your default software.

I'm maintaining it here:

It requires

  • a linux based phone like openmoko
  • running on FSO and with the python/dbus library
  • with bash3 installed

Running 'thone' starts a new (bash) shell and initializes Thone. In that shell, you have additional commands like

  > call +310652252252
  > ppl add +31065225222 frank
  > sms @frank answer your damn phone, i know youre there
  > toggle sleep on

.. and autocompletion is your friend.

I'm using it on my Openmoko on SHR-U. It comes with a launcher icon for Enlightenment, which spawns a big fonted Vala-terminal with 'thone jail' in it - so for example "sms read" looks like the image above.

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