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Peter Harrison

In Open Source:

Peter Harrison was the founder of the New Zealand Open Source Society, and was President of the society from 2002 to 2007. During this time he was involved with oppositions to Microsoft patents, and presented submissions before parliamentary committees considering copyright law. He has been a contributor to various open source projects, and wrote a book about Tomcat the open source Java web server in 2002.

Involvement with Openmoko

Peter became interested in the Openmoko project in 2007 as it provided an excellent platform for his robotic boat project. Most of the boat was completed before he acquired the Neo itself. The software and hardware interfaces were tested before the Neo 1973 was purchased. After the Neo was obtained off eBay the required OS modifications were made to support host USB, the required packages installed to run python, and scripts written to enable GPS and GPRS.

Openmoko Contributions

Peter has contributed some documentation modifications on the OpenMoko Wiki around configuring GPRS.

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