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Feedback and advice is always welcome!

  • Will volunteer to help maintain this in anyway, shape, or form. Would like to see direction come from Brenda, if not someone designated by her. I think as a group we can make a huge impact on this wiki, but in order for us to come up w/ some process, organization, and editing rules I feel that OM needs to endorse this. -westcoastmonson
  • I won't put my name down yet, but I'll probably end up involved in Wiki editing once I get my Freerunner and start wanting to find information... Consider me an interested party. Darksatanic 21:28, 15 July 2008 (UTC)
  • I'd love to take a crack at a better Getting Started for Brand New OpenMoko Developers - from after you have unwrapped your phone to "Hello World". The confusion over which Distro to use, and the constant references in the Wiki to the Neo 1973 sure dont help :-) - Vijay
    • I agree. I think where there is commonality between various Openmoko products, pages should be shared, but the distinctions should be teased out. If that means editing some 1973 pages, so be it. - Matt
  • biggest issue is reorganizing the pages into something that makes more sense, and keeping Brenda involved since she's in charge of the wiki as an OpenMoko employee. Secondary concern is that everyone who signs up understands wiki syntax - Ian Douglas
  • I agree - we want to have Brenda in on this (be it as leader, advisor or both). As for understanding Wiki syntax, I'll settle for peope that are willing to learn it. Tingo 05:40, 16 July 2008 (UTC)
  • (Edited) The main thing I think the maintainers should focus on initially is getting a very organized front page and better search functionality in place. Those two things prevent people from finding what they are looking for. The search is just abysmal and I can't even find pages I know I've edited in the past using the search. The front page cannot link to everything, but it should try to hit the main things people are looking for and also provide a prominent link to a more comprehensive index that can be used when the front page doesn't have what you're looking for. We might ask OpenMoko if they'd be willing to give us some website stats on the wiki so that we know which pages ARE most-visited and then could be sure to include those on the front page. - Brianwc
  • I would like to spend time helping out with maintaining the Wiki. I feel that the future of the OpenMoko project will be determined by the community around it, not by advanced technology. We need to aim for involvement with many vertical market specialists, and they will need to be comfortable with the support infrastructure. The Wiki and other community tools will be central to this effort. I look forward to contributing. Cheetah100
    • The navigation menu has a link to the Wiki Index Page, and Brenda mails monthly stats to the community mailing list. - John Reese
  • I want to translate some pages in French. But I need to know what page is ready for translation. Can you provide a status (reorganisation in process / ready for translation / ...) of each page somewhere ? --Swap38 08:02, 7 August 2008 (UTC)
    • It would probably be better to ask this on the 'documentation' discussion list. John Reese
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