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Please fill in everything you think the community should know. On 23th July this content will be moved to, FEEL FREE TO DO IT on 23th, also post a note on the community mailing list!

Period July 10th to July 23th, 2009


  • [[distro name] - notes


New Applications

  • NEoTheme.png
    nEo Theme 0.1 released.
    • a FAST high contrast theme package consisting of an enlightenment (illume) theme, elementary theme, etk theme, libframeworkd-phonegui-efl theme and an icon theme. (the feed doesnt seem to be updated correctly so the themes have to be installed one by one)
  • Travel Diary-Travel Diary is an application to write a little diary entry and save it in a csv file. You then can send this file via a script to your server that generates a .kml file for your friends, displays a map.

You can find the sources (including basic server example scripts) here:;a=summary

You can download .ipk here:

Application Updates

  • ElmDentica 0.6.0 - Tuga release
    • translatable, and first language is portuguese
    • opens links in a browser
  • Mokometeo 0.3 - Thanks to Glenn Trigg, a new version of Mokometeo is out. IPK package can be found here. Changes:
    • Fixed the problem with the missing question.png on a new install.
    • Changed the day labels to a nicer format.
  • eneoset - Mike Crash has created small utility with ELM named eneoset. Keep in mind that this is intended for debian OS using enlightment libraries. Changing USB current limit still doesn't work, but it is able to:
    • change backlight
    • turn on or off bluetooth
    • turn on or off Wi-Fi
    • change USB device/host mode.
  • Intone 0.60 - after quite a few tweaks there is the latest version of Intone. Changes :
    • (hopefully) better top bar in playlist view
    • change priority from gui
    • change playing song icon to play in list
    • fixes to better support logical order when changing from random->normal and vice versa
    • support bluetooth streaming to A2DP sets from intone (__you'll have to pair the headset yourself__)
    • better time display on progress bar
    • even better scan routine (please rescan your songs for the right names to be picked up)
    • some code speedups
    • fixed ui break in album art view with long song names


  • Ben Wilson wrote a wiki page for the un-bricking GTA01 using a simple LPT -> JTAG circuit. It may also work for doing some actual debugging and should be pretty easy to wire up to gta02 as well.

Most important and change making mails on the mailing lists, blogs etc.. Coolest hacks, screenshots, themes etc..

Event News