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The Om 2008.12 Update was the second and last point releases fo Om 2008. It included general operating system improvements that enhance the speed and stability of your Neo.

For detailed information about fixes and updates, please visit Om2008.12 Openmoko Trac.

Products Affected:  Neo FreeRunner

Installing the update

WARNING: It is recommended that you back up your Neo prior to installing any updates.

Do not attempt to install 2008.12 to the Neo 1973 (GTA01). It is not compatible with this earlier model.

Download and Flashing

To install the 2008.12 point release, download the Root Filesystem and the Kernel image files from Download page and install according to Flashing the Neo FreeRunner.

What's Included?


  • Fixed illume/ompower bug


  • Fixed issues with accessing the last item in a list


  • Fixed issues with new tags
  • Fixed issues with deleting tags


  • Fixed issues with duplicate contacts
  • Fixed GSM signal issues
  • Fixed SIM import issues
  • Improved call volume
  • Impproved voice call experience by adding a volume bar


  • Removed suspend time option for 10 seconds

System Software

  • Improved boot time
  • Improved touch screen interaction

Om 2008.12 Trac

Known Issues



Audio quality

System Software


What's Next?

    • #1255 No indication of battery charging when power is off
    • #1662 [GSM] not working properly after x hours of usage
    • #69 Speed up System Initialization
    • #1482 [oe]AUX bottom doesn't shine red light while charging
    • #1884 [suspend/resume] if press power button right after suspend, the device won't wake up
    • #1803 Installer reports all package Download size as 0 bytes

Above remain to be fixed. 1884 and 1482 are known to be solved in andy-tracking, and #69 is just there for easy tracking because we haven't reach 30 secs yet.


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