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Openmoko devices and accessories are sold by many distributors around the world. The following table gives you an overview of the different distributors in your area selling the Neo FreeRunner. Furthermore there is an official list with less details. All orders should include a USB-cable and an AC adapter. Prices don't include shipment. The table does not say anything about the quality of a distributor. The exchange rates used are the average rates from the previous month. Some entries may be outdated. Please help to keep it up to date and note the date of your last update so that it is easy to identify outdated information.

Distributor Continent Country Version buzz fix Price (inc. VAT) Warranty Included extras Last update
Engineeringideas Africa South Africa A7 yes 330 USD (R2,550.00) 0 years (None) Stylus 2010-07-05
IDA Systems Asia India A7 yes 513 USD (24000 INR) 1 year 2010-08-07 Europe Belgium A7 yes 364 USD (284 EUR) 2 years debug board, headset, pouch, stylus 2010-08-07 Europe Czech Republic A7 yes 431 USD (8500 CZK) 2 years case, headset, stylus 2010-08-07 Europe Netherlands A7 yes 352 USD (275 EUR) 1 year stylus, 2 GB memory card 2010-08-07 Europe France A7 yes 410 USD (320 EUR) 1 year headset, pouch 2010-08-07
Golden Delicious Computers Europe Germany A7 yes 357 USD (279 EUR) 2 years Debug Board v3, instructions, stylus 2010-08-07
Golden Delicious Computers Europe Germany A7+ yes 383 USD (299 EUR) 2 years Debug Board v3, instructions, stylus, #1024 Fix 2010-08-07
Golden Delicious Computers Europe Germany A7++ yes 415 USD (324 EUR) 2 years Debug Board v3, instructions, stylus, #1024 Fix, Bass rework 2010-08-07
Pulster Europe Germany A7 yes 293 USD (229 EUR) 2 years display protection, printed manual 2010-08-07
Mobile Solutions Europe Poland A6 no 314 USD (1000 PLN) 2 years headset, pouch, stylus 2010-08-07 Europe Russia  ?  ? 490 USD (15000 RUB)  ? stylus 2010-08-07 Europe Slovakia  ?  ? 306 USD (239 EUR) 2 years 2010-08-07
tuxbrain Europe Spain A7 yes 333 USD (259.60 EUR) 2 Years headset, stylus, USB F/F gender changer 2010-08-07 Europe Sweden  ? 327 USD (255 EUR)  ? 512 MB memory card 2010-08-07
dshop Europe Switzerland A7 yes 296 USD (333 CHF) 0.25 years (3 months) stylus 2010-08-07
Openmoko Shop Switzerland Europe Switzerland  ?  ? 475 USD (500 CHF)  ? 2010-08-07
TrueBox Europe United Kingdom  ?  ? 479 USD (313 GBP) 1 year (UK only) 2010-08-07
GP2X Store North America USA  ?  ? 300 USD 1 year stylus 2010-08-07
SDG Systems North America USA A7 yes  ?  ? headset, pouch, stylus 2010-08-07
iSolve South America Brazil  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 2010-08-07