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  • A neoprene, draw-string pouch is available from Openmoko and many distributers.
  • TuxBrain has apparently developed a leather carrying-case a carrying-case specifically for the FreeRunner (and Neo1973). Also available from Pulster and The case is a `holster' design with a magnetic-closure flap, a stylus-holder, holes for access to the ports and buttons while the device is in the case, and a clip for attaching the case to a belt.
  • A Nokia CP69 leather case can be modified to fit the Freerunner. There is a snap on the back, just unsnap it and sew a piece of velcro (about 5 to 7cm) over it. Since it's in the back of the case, it is not noticable. You can choose to wear it in a vertical or horizontal way. (Contact blen2r if you need help)
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